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Order some Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie right to your door!

Edith's Pot Pie for sale at Crest Haven Farm Market in Bloomsburg, Pa
Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie

Edith’s Pot Pie

Edith, better known as Grammy Yordy, taught us how to make her yummy pot pie many moons ago and we have been keeping the tradition alive and well right here in Northeastern Pa. for the past 25 years. Edith’s authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie has become a local favorite especially during the chilly months of winter. We are so happy to finally be able to share this tradition with you!

You can find our pot pie for sale at the Crest Haven Farm Markets in Bloomsburg or Danville, Pennsylvania. You could also order some directly from this website by clicking here, we would love to ship some directly to your door! We also set up every year at the wonderful Bloomsburg Fair, one of the largest fairs on the east coast.

In case you are still looking for the crust…Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie is a local tradition which involves making dough and cutting it into squares and making a thick soup full of meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, and the best part…thick, homemade noodles… No crust! Don’t worry, we hear it all the time!

Edith's Pot Pie, delivered to your door, ham or chicken, authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie

Why You’ll Love Edith’s Pot Pie

Edith’s Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie fills your belly with all of the notes of a great comfort food. You can not go wrong with the dough and broth. If you have picky eaters for children, they will LOVE it! One quart will feed two adults generously.

We only make our pot pie twice a week and ship out the very next day to assure the best shipping practices. The product will be in a hefty plastic sealed container, bubble wrapped and packed with ice packs to ensure proper temperatures during travel. Please contact us today at edithskitchen2010@gmail.com for a shipping quote.

Edith's Pot Pie, Chicken pot Pie, Ham Pot Pie, Shop, Made from scratch
Edith's Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie

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